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About Helmart & Tyler

Helmart Helmet Design is run by Tyler Richardson, who began his motor sport career at the age of 9, in karting. From there he got himself a plain white helmet and decided to have a go at the paintwork. After many different designs for not only himself but also friends, Tyler started up the Helmart brand.

17 years later Helmart is bigger than ever and still growing fast, With athletes across the world wearing their Helmart painted helmets in some of the highest levels of motor-sport.  With an attention to detail like no other Helmart sees themselves as giving drivers a helping hand, giving them a brand for themselves whether they are racing karts or other forms of motor-sport. The helmet is how a lot of spectators identify the drivers once they get behind the wheel. 

You can find the whole story about how Helmart started, how the creative process is achieved and where Tyler plans to take Helmart in the future by purchasing the Helmart - Art In Motion book from the store.